Thursday, 17 January 2013

Comes a Horseman

Over the years Tom na gCapaillín has travelled to horse shows and events the length and breadth of Ireland. So much so that he is a well known figure among the equestrian community as well a recognised authority on a matters pertaining to horse breeding, training and care of horses generally. His book I Want to Really Learn about Horses is widely consulted (available in print and e-book editions - more information).

In addition, he has picked up numerous mementos and awards for all his hard work and efforts. He shares a few of them with us here.

'In-hand' Young Horse Class 3 year old gelding.
Michelangelo being stood up for Judge at Royal Meath Show, Trim September, 2001
Handler: T.J. Gillespie (owner/breeder)

Lulu Loves Magoa
Thoroughbred Yearling Filly Class
RDS August 1984
Shown by owner, T.J. Gillespie

Thoroughbred Yearling Filly Class
Lulu Loves Magoa has received ribbon at RDS Show, August 1984
With owner T.J. Gillespie (middle of photo)

Red Rosette (left) - Royal Meath Agricultural Show, Sept 7, 1997. 1st Place. Yearling fully class 106. Porchfield Daisy by Kildalton Tyler out of Salluceva mare.

Yellow Rosette (right) - Freffans Show 3rd place

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