Friday, 2 August 2019

Learning about Horses with T.J. Gillespie

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie

– a must-have book for the horse and equestrian enthusiast –

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie really is a must-have book for any horse and equestrian enthusiast. Whether a person is learning about horses for the first time or, has previous experience, there is so much insight to be gained from this compact volume, coming from a knowledgeable source. More than just a learning aid, it is a book that will serve as a lifelong companion to anyone wishing to share in the privilege of good horsemanship.

Recently re-issued, with few, if any changes, T.J. Gillespie's book has been in constant demand since first published in 2011. It is now available in both print and e-book editions, providing for a continuity that will allow successive generations to benefit and gain insight from the author's lifelong passion.

Growing up in Sligo, on Ireland's western seaboard, T.J. Gillespie (aka Tom na gCapaillín) saw horses all around him and took them for granted. Some enchanted day, he knew he must learn more so, he listened and watched and read and, thought out the prevailing wisdom. He put theory to the test, devising and presenting a series of Horse and Pony Management courses, thereby gaining insight into other owners' problems and points of view.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses represents a summation of that lifelong learning, imparted with an enthusiasm that is infectious, written in a warm and engaging style. In no more than 80 pages, the author shares his wealth of experience with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, punctuated with illustrations and diagrams throughout. The subjects covered are wide ranging but always to the point.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie is available to buy online, in print and e-book editions. RRP €9.99 (print edition) plus P&P.

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