Friday, 30 November 2012

Mary M. Modesty (by T.J Gillespie)

At some show up the country Betty Stenson overheard Mary Modesty 'blabbing' to Angela Stoute.

"Singing like a canary she was," said Betty. "A hopelessly disorganised show; they had a caravan and forgot the key! I had to sit outside on a deckchair all day - no desk for the judges and competitors tickets blowing all over the place! It was then I realised she was talking about us. I could have given her a 'sock in the puss' and worst of all Mrs. Stoute was 'taking it all in' with sinful pleasure and making a mental note to put another black mark against our name What could I do, only pretend I didn't hear a thing?"

"You're right Betty," I said, "what could you do, only suffer in silence?"

"I remember the day well." Thank God it was a scorching June Sunday and the cold drinks and ice-cream were 'flying' out of the mobile fridge. We were over attentive to Her Ladyship - 'damage limitation'. HB Magnum cones to her son and daughter and a choice of Coke, Seven-up or Fanta.

Between competitions I took a platter of salad and cold meat to Her Highness and later coffee and biscuits. She had no complaints then - granted she was a 'bit exposed'. "She must have been a 'fine thing' in her youth - still has smooth limbs."

I only had a minute or two to admire the reclining beauty - then it was back to the work! "Come here!Go there! Fix this! Mind that horse!" Still I enjoyed the unexpected pleasure. "Was it so Sinful?"

The End

T.J. Gillespie, June 2000

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